Thomas Hareau

Thomas Hareau

Senior Software Engineer @ Doctolib

About Me

Working as a senior fullstack engineer at Doctolib, I am a new-technology enthusiast and committed to improving privacy. I started my studies at the French engineering school INSA Rennes in 2013. In 2016 I had the opportunity to pursue my studies at the Technische University of Dresden, Germany. I finished my studies in September 2018, and am now working for Doctolib.

During my work, studies and personal projects, I like to be involved in both Front-End and Back-End development. I also have a good understanding of computer science security. I like to be involved in dynamic and privacy-focused projects.

Work Experience

Senior Software EngineerDoctolib (Paris, France - from June 2020)

Fullstack development on the Doctolib Practice project - business software for the medical industry. Lead of complex projects, in both front-end and back-end side. Main contributor of the library safe-pg-migrations.

Software Development EngineerProtonMail (Geneva, Switzerland - from September 2018 to April 2020)

Software architecture and Back-End development on the ProtonCalendar project: cryptographic key management, code quality improvements, ... Refactor and extension of ProtonMail's Sieve parser (email filtering language).

Intern (master thesis)ProtonMail (Geneva, Switzerland - from April 2018 to September 2018)

Design and implementation of a security protocol: studies of the protocol and the existing implementations, implementation on the back-end and the front-end.

InternPush Creative Ventures (Berlin, Germany - from October 2017 to February 2018)

Full-stack development in a 2 months old startup. Front-End development of applications (web and mobile) using React and React Native. Back-End Development with NodeJS, Express, and

Web Development InternNetUSE AG (Kiel, Germany - from June 2014 to July 2014)

Internal web application development, using PHP, HTML and Bootstrap.

Seasonal workerMMA (Le Mans, France - from June to August 2015)

Claim management (communication with clients, liability determination)

VolunteerAPF Group (August 2012)

Organization of a two weeks stay for 8 disabled people.

Children’s leader — Diverse location (summers 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016)

Creation and carrying out of activities for children.

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Stop worrying about PostgreSQL locks in your Rails migrations (2020)

Busy databases are tedious to migrate: Postgres locking mechanisms can rapidly bring the service down if migrations are not written carefully. In the following article, co-written with Romain Choquet, we explain how we are tackling that risk at Doctolib.

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Kompose evaluation (2017)

Analysis of the project Kompose, in order to determine its usability to manage a Kubernetes and a Docker Swarm cluster using the same manifest files. Evaluation of the functionalities and the performances. Creation of bash scripts, to evaluate the deployment process. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christof Fetzer (TUD).

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Kubernetes 45%
Docker-Swarm 45%
Bash 10%

Minor Thesis: A Test Infrastructure for DTN Software Implementations (2016-2017)

Creation of a REST API to launch instances of a DTN Software (uPCN) and its integration in a DTN Network simulator (The ONE). Under the supervision of Mr Dr.-Ing. Marius Feldmann (TUD).

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Python 50%
Java 45%
C 5%

OOP and Design Pattern Project (2015)

Practical application of OOP and design pattern courses for the creation of a game. The goal was to analyse requirements, model the structure of the game, and to develop it using a lightweight WPF design and including C++ libraries. Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Blouin (INSA Rennes).

C# 95%
C++ 5%

Colloquium — 3rd year project (2014-2015)

Creation of the website Colloquium to manage conferences. Under the supervision of Prof. Dupuy (INSA Rennes).

Ruby (Sinatra)